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Kanbar Institute of Film & TV, Undergraduate Division Class Notes

The following is a list of what just some of our graduates have been doing.  If you would like to let your fellow alumni know what you've been up to, be sure to submit your own class note to be published on the web and in the Tisch Newsletter.

Martin Nicholson 1973 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Board Member of American Cinema Editors. Recently completed editing the feature, "Thick as Thieves" starring Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas. Credits  include "The Big Picture", "Forbidden Zone", the pilot and series for "John From Cincinatti", "Deadwood".
Robert Kizer 1976 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Robert Kizer was the ADR Supervisor on the films "Meet Dave" and "X-Files: I Want to Believe."  In June, 2008, he was admitted as a member of the Sound Branch of the Motion Picture Academy.
Steven Montgmery 1976 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Web Site:
Steven Montgomery recently re-released his first documentary film in the DVD format "Hobie's Heroes - 25th Anniversary Edition." In 2007, the "Hobie's Heroes" was awarded the Mention D'Honneur at the 25th Milano International FICTS Festival in Italy.
Dan Frank 1980 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Dan has produced (and sometimes directed) programming for PBS, FOX, HGTV, Discovery, New England Sports Network, NBC and others. Produced TV spots, for national or regional clients clients, from Ringling Bros., BMW, MedImmune and National Sea Products.
topStaton Rabin 1980 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Web Site:

Staton Rabin's new novel, The Curse of the Romanovs, will be published by Simon & Schuster/McElderry Books on July 1, 2007.  Advance copies will be available starting December 2006. Her previous novel, BETSY AND THE EMPEROR,  is being developed into a feature film. The film will be directed by Patrice Chereau and Al Pacino may star as Napoleon Bonaparte.

Nicolas Falacci 1981 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
 Nicolas Falacci is the co-creator and executive producer of NUMB3RS on the CBS network.
Faith Ginsberg 1983 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Currently the Editor and Associate Producer of the documentary "You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros Story. written and directed by Richard Schickel and narrated by Clint Eastwood.
Philip Aromando 1988 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Nominated for a 2009 sports Emmy Award (Outstanding Sports Documentary) for The Streak. A documentary about a high school wrestling team whose 34 year winning streak is on the line. Co-Producer of The Lost Son of Havana. A documentary about former Major League Baseball star Luis Tiant and his return to Cuba after 46 years in exile. Executive produced by The Farrelly Brothers; produced by Kris Meyer; and directed by Jonathan Hock. Premiered at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.
Adam M Kane 1990 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Adam recently directed the feature film FORMOSA BETRAYED. He is also directing television episodes of PUSHING DAISIES and HEROES.
topDarren Haber  1991 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
I am now seeing creative professionals in my private practice.  My background in entertainment makes me a good fit for those who want to start, jumpstart or "tweak" their creative and professional lives.  Never settle for less than the best!
Erik L Klein 1992 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Web Site:
Erik Klein, a veteran editor/producer for over 15 years, has contributed his editing style to many commercials, promos, documentaries, news, daytime talk shows, corporate videos, reality television projects and more.
Robert Weske  1992 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television

Rob Weske recently was awarded his fouth regional Emmy Award by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for ''Chop Shop Live'', in the category of Best Topical News Promotion. Rob is the On Air Promotion Manager for WOIO and WUAB TV, Raycom's broadcast duopoly in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Adam Berenson 1993 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Web Site:
Adam's latest album has received a 4-star review in the 80th Anniversary Special Edition in Downbeat, and a very favorable review in Gramophone - the number 1 classical music magazine in the world. 
Arthur Vincie 1994 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Web Site:

Arthur Vincie's feature film, FOUND IN TIME, has been traveling to film festivals (8 so far, and winning "Best Sci-Fi Feature" at its premiere in October at Shriekfest).  Also, Focal Press just published his book "Preparing For Takeoff" on preproduction for independent filmmakers.  Arthur is having a book signing party on February 28, 2013 at Showbiz Store & Cafe, 19 W. 21st Street. RSVP via email and put RSVP in the subject.

topMatt Milich 1995 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Currently producing THE HEAVEN PROJECT, starring Paul Walker and Piper Perabo.
Mariana Fuentes de Brito 1995 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Web Site:
Recently concluded a 15 minute short film  (35 mm) titled El Cafe de Lupe which has participated in more than 15 international Film Festivals (Calcuta, Chicago, Marseille, Chile, La Habana, Ourense, among others)
Michael Nash 1996 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Michael Nash was recently appointed as a Federal Investigator at the U.S. Department of Justice. Mike recently returned to DOJ after working for over four years as an Investigator in the Office of Investigations/Office of the Inspector General. 
Reena D. Walker 1998 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Reena is currently living in the midwest and is developing several treatments and scripts for a documentary, a feature length screenplay, a dramatic series for television and a reality series.
Petra Korner 1999 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Web Site:
Director of Photography - Local 600. Recently wrapped "The Informers", starring Kim Basinger, Billy Bob Thornton, Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke. Was DP of 2 features in competition at Sundance 08, one of which, "The Wackness" won the Dramatic Audience Award.
topAnil Baral 2002 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Along with Kathryn Maughan '05 (MFA, DDW), I just received a grant through the Tribeca Film Institute Sloan Filmmaker Fund for A Noble Affair. The film tells the story of Marie Curie, who was one of the leading feminist figures of the scientific world, facing obstacles in her professional and personal life, both exacerbated by gender discrimination. This is the story of how she proved the existence of the element Radium, thereby paving the way for many discoveries in nuclear science and earning her a second Nobel Prize.
Leo Azevedo Fialho 2003 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Web Site:
Since moving back to Los Angeles Leo has been working as a Location Scout and Manager in various productions including "Dexter - Seasons 1 & 2" (TV), "Big Love - Season 2" (TV) and "Four Christmases" (feature).  He is currently working on "24 - Season 7"
Daniel Everett Sollinger 2003 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Since Graduation, Daniel has been working as a producer and line producer.  His films, "God's Forgotten House" and "Day Zero" just came out on video, and "The Alphabet Killer" will be released in theaters in January.
Nathaniel Halpern 2006 Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
I have been working for the past year with 3 fellow alumni creating a 10 part series Looking For Grace for the internet. It is quite unique and brings a cinematic experience to the online space, where quality content has been sorely lacking. We have posted a trailer on our Web site and are now attempting to get the word out about the show. You can view the trailer for yourself at