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Undergraduate Dramatic Writing Class Notes

The following is a list of what just some of our graduates have been doing.  If you would like to let your fellow alumni know what you've been up to, be sure to submit your own class note to be published on the web and in the Tisch Newsletter.

Yvette Burnham Couser 1990 Dramatic Writing
Graduated from Indiana University, School of Library Science, August 2008, MLS, Master of Library Science
Maria Estigarribia 1991 Dramatic Writing
Maria's play, "Help Wanted," was shortlisted for the BBC World Service and British Council International Radio Playwriting Competition 2009.
James Jordan 1992 Dramatic Writing
James Jordan (DWP '92) and fellow NYU alum Kristen Rhodes (GAL '91) recently had their third cutey-pie child, Beatrix Ellis Jordan.  James started an epilepsy fellowship in July 2008 with Hans Luders at Case Western in Cleveland.  He received a National EpiFellows Foundation (NEF) scholarship, and moderator Kimford Meador chose his article to present at the December 2008 meeting in Seattle.
Georgia Menides 1997 Dramatic Writing
Georgia Menides wrote the award winning film, Still Green, coming to select theaters. Please visit the movie's website for more info.
topAaron Meyers 2001 Dramatic Writing
Aaron's feature film, Sleeping with the Fishes, won the Brooklyn Film Festival's Official Selection this year for this summer's celebration. It is set for a world premiere in June with the hopes for wider distribution later this year! The film stars fellow NYU Alum Gina Rodriquez.
Amanda J. Feuerman 2001 Dramatic Writing
Recently completed M.A. in communications at USC. Working at Hallmark Channel in the Corporate Publicity department. Wrote a short play that was featured at the Minnesota Fringe Festival in 2006.
Brendan Hay 2001 Dramatic Writing
Currently a staff writer on the Nickelodeon cartoon "The Mighty B!", co-created by and starring Amy Poehler. Additionally, an I episode I wrote for "The Simpsons" will be airing as its season finale on May 17th, 2009. Last year, I married fellow Dramatic Writing alum Jennifer Chen. We currently live in Los Angeles.
Alex Linsker 2004 Dramatic Writing
Web Site:
Worked with over 100 companies and wrote "The Handbook to Get Things Done in Companies with Organizational Democracy."
Cole Schneider 2005 Dramatic Writing
Web Site:
Has been touring as a performer, writer and director with the Handsome Little Devils' "Squirm Burpee Circus" nationally and internationally since 2006. The company was recently featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!
topDonald Glover 2006 Dramatic Writing
Web Site:
recently lent his face, wit and heart to Gap's campaign to support favorite charities.
Shawn Kittelsen 2007 Dramatic Writing
Was commissioned to write a dramatic screenplay about entrepreneurial urban squatters, BRONXSTEAD. In 2007, he wrote and co-produced the short musical OVER DA RAINBOW, which was recently acquired by IndiePix. His story INDOORSY was featured in SMITH Magazine's "Next-Door Neighbor" anthology. Shawn was the Editorial Assistant to Douglas Rushkoff on the book LIFE INC